Square Peg Round Whole

The Next Frontier: Square Peg Employment, with The Neurodivergent Coach Samantha Nuttall

November 11, 2021 Lou Kuchel Season 2021 Episode 22
Square Peg Round Whole
The Next Frontier: Square Peg Employment, with The Neurodivergent Coach Samantha Nuttall
Show Notes

Samantha Nuttall is The Neurodivergent Coach and she talks to Lou about life as a neurodivergent mum to two neurodivergent sons and the interesting lightbulb moment she had that led her to develop her business as The Neurodivergent Coach.  Sam is passionate about helping neurodivergent people to overcome disability discrimination barriers with employment.  She's on a mission to change the life and employment outcomes for all Neurodivergent individuals, at an individual, organisational and systemic level.  Music to Lou's ears!  They get "fired up" as they chat and put the wrongs to right.  An energetic discussion that really will give listeners food for thought.


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Resources discussed during this episode:

The Neurodivergent Coach website:  https://www.theneurodivergentcoach.org/

I have just launched a page specifically for parents, teens and young adults https://www.theneurodivergentcoach.org/neurodivergent-teen-and-parent-workshop


Facebook www.facebook.com/theneurodivergentcoach

Instagram Samantha_a_nuttall or the_neurodivergent_coach


Links to some of the organisations I mentioned:


Neurodiversity Academy



Neurodiversity Media



Saved – Charity




Relevant research papers (some from the UK but just as relevant here)


The research talking to the active discrimination that occurs towards neurodivergent job seekers



Deloitte paper talking about the impact of ADHD on participation in thw workforce



Facts and Stats about Neurodivergent employment in Australia



Autism specific paper regarding employment in Australia



Excellent research from AMAZE regarding employment for Autistic people.