Square Peg Round Whole

Getting Legal with lawyer Laura Cottam

October 22, 2021 Lou Kuchel Season 2021 Episode 18
Square Peg Round Whole
Getting Legal with lawyer Laura Cottam
Show Notes

Order in the court!  Today we are getting legal.  Lou talks to lawyer, Laura Cottam from Australian Centre for Disability Law (ACDL).  They talk about disability laws and the importance of understanding those in order to advocate for your Square Peg at school and across all settings.  Laura explains the laws and the importance of getting the balance right when working with a school to make sure all Square Pegs receive the reasonable adjustments to access learning, to which they are legally entitled.  Laura also discusses a wonderful new Learning Together toolkit that everyone can access on the ACDL website. 

Please note: This episode does not provide legal advice but rather a general discussion about the legislation and best approach for parents, schools and students to follow.


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