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Brain Body Parenting with Dr Mona Delahooke

October 08, 2021 Lou Kuchel Season 2021 Episode 15
Square Peg Round Whole
Brain Body Parenting with Dr Mona Delahooke
Show Notes

This is a pivotal episode.  Lou dreamed it may happen one day and all her dreams came true!
Mona and Lou discuss the fundamental messages of Mona's book, Beyond Behaviours, they delve in to COVID induced trauma, school "push out", Mona's thoughts on ODD, PDA, behaviour charts and behaviour management strategies and the importance of respecting the Sensory Systems and mind-shift away from compliance and towards connections and compassion for neurodivergent children.  They explore the return to school post COVID lockdown, single parenting and most importantly, the experiences of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged students and the exclusionary practices they endure.  Mona offers compassion, kindness and also an assertive call to action for the Education System of Australia.  Enjoy this uplifting discussion.


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Resources discussed in this episode:
1. Beyond Behaviours - available as an audio and written book.
2. Mona's Facebook group (where you will find Mona's famous blogs): https://www.facebook.com/DrMonaDelahooke
3. Mona's website: https://monadelahooke.com/
4. Beyond Behaviours Flip Chart - an educational course and strategy to support parents.
5. Mona's new book will be out in March 2022 and is called "Brain Body Parenting"