Square Peg Round Whole

Value the De-valued with parent and advocate, Lisa Bridle

June 25, 2022 Lou Kuchel Season 2022 Episode 12
Square Peg Round Whole
Value the De-valued with parent and advocate, Lisa Bridle
Show Notes

Please sign and share this petition to bring Collaborative Proactive Solutions to Australian Schools!
Please write to Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell and request that CPS (Collaborative Proactive Solutions) be introduced to NSW schools: office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

This is a long episode but worth every minute of your time!  Whilst this episode focuses on education and will be particularly useful to Queenlanders, there's messages, tips and knowledge shared here that is for anyone who needs to understand devaluation of people with disabilities, disability discrimination in education and really covers all the challenges we parents and teachers of Square Peg kids face as we constantly battle to break down the barriers of segregation, exclusion, behaviourism and devaluing  people with disabilities.


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Resources discussed during this episode:

1. Social Role Valorisation - learn more about the courses you can attend here: http://www.asrva.org.au/

2, Community Resource Unit (CRU)  - https://cru.org.au/

3. Broadreach Training and Resources website - Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift

4. Book: Being Realistic isn't Realistic by Norman Kunc

5. Youtube: The Right to be Disabled by Norman Kunc

6. Paper: The Stairs Didn't go Anywhere by Michael F. Giangreco