Square Peg Round Whole

A Mother's Love with Jane Hancock

June 10, 2022 Lou Kuchel Season 2022 Episode 11
Square Peg Round Whole
A Mother's Love with Jane Hancock
Show Notes

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Please write to Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell and request that CPS (Collaborative Proactive Solutions) be introduced to NSW schools: office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

This episode is a conversation between two loving mums.  Lou talks to Jane Hancock, mum to previous guest, Shadia Hancock.  It's an honest, and cathartic chat and reflection of times gone by.  This episode will give young families hope, support and optimism for the future.   It was an absolute pleasure to talk to such a beautiful person and loving mum.


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Resources discussed during this episode:

1. Autism Actually website: https://www.autismactually.com.au/

2. Positive Partnerships website: https://www.positivepartnerships.com.au/

3. Peter Hutton's Episode "Dancing in the Grey": https://www.squarepegroundwhole.com.au/episodes/dancing-in-the-grey-with-entrepreneurial-educator-peter-hutton

4. Shadia Hancock's Episode "Autism is Actually Awesome": https://www.squarepegroundwhole.com.au/episodes/autism-is-actually-awesome

5. Uniquely Human podcast with Barry Prizant and Dave Finch: https://uniquelyhuman.com/

6. Dr Emma Goodall on the Reframing Autism website: https://reframingautism.org.au/team/dr-emma-goodall/

7. Dr Mona Delahooke, ICAN Network, Reframing Autism (all featured throughout Square Peg Round Whole website, Facebook page and with episodes from all of these experts)