Square Peg Round Whole

CPS is coming to Australia! with Dr Ross Greene

May 26, 2022 Lou Kuchel Season 2022 Episode 10
Square Peg Round Whole
CPS is coming to Australia! with Dr Ross Greene
Show Notes

Please sign and share this petition to bring Collaborative Proactive Solutions to Australian Schools!
Please write to Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell and request that CPS (Collaborative Proactive Solutions) be introduced to NSW schools: office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

Lou has been working towards this interview for a long time and her determination has paid off.  She secured a meeting to introduce Dr Greene to the NSW Department of Education and staff from the NSW Education MInister's office.  Dr Greene will explain CPS (Collaborative Proactive Solutions) and advocated for NSW to move beyond behaviourism, and towareds neurodiversity-affirming teaching practices.  If NSW implement this, it will be the first state in Australia to take this huge step, which would bring students and families improved access to leaning and a sense of safety and belonging. 

In this episode, Lou and Dr Ross Greene  passionately argue in favour of the introduction of CPS in Australian schools. 


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Resources discussed during this episode:

The Lives in the Balance, not for profit organisation founded by Dr Ross Greene: https://livesinthebalance.org/

NSW Behaviour Strategy: https://education.nsw.gov.au/student-wellbeing/attendance-behaviour-and-engagement/behaviour-strategy

Book: Lost at School by Dr Ross Greene