Square Peg Round Whole

Dancing in the Grey with entrepreneurial educator, Peter Hutton

April 01, 2022 Lou Kuchel Season 2022 Episode 6
Square Peg Round Whole
Dancing in the Grey with entrepreneurial educator, Peter Hutton
Show Notes

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Lou and Peter Hutton energetically discuss Australian education and everything that must change!  Peter Hutton is a rebel with a cause and he passionately believes in a better education system for this country.  Rather than wait for that to happen, which he calls the "slow burn", he has decided he and his team at The Future Schools Alliance will just make it happen.  Peter says teachers should learn to be comfortable "dancing in the grey".  Challenge the status quo and find better ways to do things.  This is an episode not to be missed.  If you want motivation for change, I give you Peter Hutton!


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Resources discussed during this episode:

The Future Schools Alliance website

Peter Hutton's TED Talk - What if students controlled their own learning?

Professor Yong Zhao

Book: "Let the Children Play" by Prof Parsi Sahlberg

Prof Parsi Sahlberg at UNSW Gonski Institute