Square Peg Round Whole

My Spirited Child, Rebecca Perkins and ADHD Conferences!

March 24, 2022 Lou Kuchel Season 2022 Episode 5
Square Peg Round Whole
My Spirited Child, Rebecca Perkins and ADHD Conferences!
Show Notes

Lou and Ash Kuchel will be speaking at the "My Spirited Child" Victoria ADHD Conference and what better way to discuss the excitement than to invite the founder and organiser, Rebecca Perkins on to the podcast!

In this episode, Lou chats to Rebecca about her journey parenting and leading the way in education of the broader community about ADHD and other neurodivergences.  Rebecca's accomplishments are so impressive and she is another woman on a mission to educate, smash stigma and draw on the strengths of neurodivergence in everything that she does.

Lou and Rebecca also discuss the upcoming Victorian ADHD Conference where Lou has been asked along as a guest speaker.  They discuss the emphasis of these conferences and why Rebecca feels that this Victorian conference will be the best one yet!


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Resources discussed during this episode:

The Victorian ADHD Conference, 2nd April, 2022

My Spirited Child

The National PEKE Centres